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The power of Oyo comes because it is an internet business. The decision of "To stay at Oyo or not" is taken by the customer in the "internet world". Oyo is very similar in its dynamics to Uber in that sense.

In contrast the branded PG business is an offline business. The decision of the customer to stay in a PG happens in the "offline world". Oyo realised this the hard way in Oyo Life (their branded PG business which bombed)

IMHO, Lead School is an offline business which is more like Oyo PG than Oyo Hotels. Expect the business to become harder as they scale. The parents will not feel obligated to send their child in a particular Lead Branch which is not doing well - no leverage of scale really - every single school has to excel on its own merit.

Lead has a great mission, and is driven by passionate founders but its success will lie in operational excellence and not on harnessing the power of internet.

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Thanks Rahul for writing about LEAD with depth and rigour. Would love to invite you over for a chat and share how we are thinking about transforming education in India via schools - Sumeet

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Great piece, Rahul - congratulations on the 1-year anniversary!

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